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Violent Crimes

Arrests for violent crimes, such as assault or weapons charges, can be devastating. Prosecutors ask for jail sentences of years or decades, followed by years of probation and programs. For immigrants, a violent crime conviction can make obtaining U.S. citizenship or residency (a green card) impossible, and often leads to deportation. To the working professional, a conviction can make it next to impossible to find a high-paying job.

If you or a loved one have been charged with committing and violent crime, you need the best representation you can get. Our lawyers have the experience to fight your case and get the charges reduced and dismissed. With the experience of hundreds of criminal trials, our office will fight to get you the best result possible, and give you the best advice available to protect you and your family.

Domestic Violence

Being accused of domestic violence can upend your life. An accusation of violence, sexual abuse, or the threat of such by an aggrieved partner, even without evidence, can lead to an order of protection against you that lasts months or years. This can result in not being able to go back to your own home or see your children. If the neighbors called 911, the police will often make an arrest when both you and your partner insist that there was no fighting or violence. Oftentimes, nothing your partner says to the police or district attorney can prevent criminal charges and a court order that you move out and separate.

Domestic violence cases are very sensitive. Often, both sides are aggrieved and feel wronged. Orders of protection can lead to entirely new, separate charges and criminal cases. Our lawyers understand the sensitivity of handling domestic violence charges, and have experience in every aspect of their defense. We will work to have your case dismissed when possible, and limit the damage caused by orders of protection while the case is fought.

Drug Charges

Drug charges are some of the most common and most serious reasons for arrest in New York. If you’ve been arrested for possession or distribution of drugs or narcotics, such as cocaine, heroin or marijuana, you could be facing years in prison, heavy fines, and a permanent criminal record as a convicted drug offender. This can prevent you from getting a job or an apartment, and can endanger your custody of your children. New York law makes it easy to be convicted on drug charges, as New York creates a presumption of possession. If you’re in the same room as the drugs, you can be charged and convicted. Telling the judge that the drugs aren’t yours usually won’t save you.

You need an attorney experienced in fighting drug related charges in every way, from eye-witness and police testimony to DNA evidence. Our attorneys have decades of experience defending every kind of drug charge. We defend our clients against charges of:

  • Criminal possession of narcotics
  • Criminal sale of narcotics
  • Criminal possession of drug paraphenalia
  • Unlawful manufacture of narcotics and methamphetamine

In addition, our attorneys have extensive experience in marijuana cases of every type. From possession of a baggie of pot, to sale of several pounds, our attorneys have the experience to fight your case.

Sex Crimes

An accusation of sex crimes, such as rape, sexual abuse, indecent exposure, or forcible touching, can destroy your life. A conviction will result in months or years of jail time, years of mandated counseling and programs, and worst of all, a lifelong placement on the Sex Offender Registry. Society casts a stigma on people accused of sex crimes, even before they are convicted - being charged with a sex crime can cause your friends and family to stop seeing you and destroy your reputation.

Cases have to be handled thoroughly and carefully - facts are often unclear, victims are very sympathetic to judges and juries, and many people have been convicted on a “he-said-she-said” basis. Our attorneys work to give you the best representation on every facet of the case, from accusations of witnesses to the police, DNA evidence and contradictory eyewitness testimony. It is important to get a lawyer who can control the case as early as possible - before the case spirals out of control.


Penalties for Driving While Intoxicated are severe, and lawmakers continue to legislate stiffer punishment. Depending on the level of intoxication and whether an accident occurred, even a first offense can lead to a felony conviction and jail time. Defendants routinely lose their privilege to drive for months or years, receive thousands of dollars worth of fines, and receive criminal records that in the future affect their insurance and cost them job opportunities. Second or third offenses, or DWI’s charged along with driving without a proper license, carry even more severe penalties.

We can move to limit the damage to your life and reputation. DWI defense is highly technical, and our attorneys are experience in every aspect of DWI defense. From attacking the testing equipment, whether breathalyzer or blood, to exposing errors in police procedure, we will aggressively defend your case to receive a favorable disposition.

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